"These women dig out prom dresses or bridesmaids dresses and throw a 'prom' for charity," Mrs. Palonis explained. "They did it lower key, in a church hall or something, and they were trying to get other towns and places on board.

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"We kind of wanted to do it on a bigger scale, more like an actual prom, where there's dinner and dancing," she said. In addition to the music provided by DJ Karen Houman, there will be a cash bar (making this an event for guests 21 and over), 50/50 cash drawing and door prizes.

Though this is the first year for the so-called "Mom Prom," the committee plans on making it an annual event to benefit a different charity each year. Mrs. Palonis said they are expecting at least 50-60 women as of now, though she hopes to see more. And since the fundraiser is meant to be silly and fun, there's no men allowed.

"Most men don't really care to get up and dance," Mrs. Palonis said. "We thought it'd be great for a bunch of women to go out and dance and raise a bunch of money for charity."

But the guys won't be missed entirely. The committee has accumlated a collection of life-size cut outs of various male celebrities, with whom partygoers will pose for photos available for purchase in true prom style. Among the lucky men are "Twilight" movie stars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, Penn State coach Joe Paterno, John Wayne, KISS frontman Gene Simmons, and NASCAR star Kyle Busch.

Toward the end of the evening, a prom queen and her court will be selected, "probably by tackiest costume," Mrs. Palonis laughed. She added that for those women who don't have their old prom or bridesmaid dresses anymore, she recommends trying a thrift store for a cheap find.

In choosing bridesmaid dresses, one of the important factors to consider is the color of the dresses. The bride may choose her favorite color for the bridesmaid dresses. She may also choose a color or colours that will suit and compliment the bridesmaids.

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There ar many colors of bridesmaid dresses to choose from. The elect bridesmaid dresses colours mustiness be appropriate for the time, season and formality of the occasion. Pink for instance is a widely elect color for girls. This color implies youth, innocence and femininity. Outdoor wedding during spring ar ideal times to choose pink dresses. This color will also be a great choice for more mature bridesmaids. There ar also varying shades of pink such as rum pink that similarly looks pretty and feminine but not very teenage-like. The pink dress may be made less like a prom dress if made without the bows and other girly decorations.

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Black bridesmaid long gowns ar most right for evening ceremonies. Black short dresses may be elect for a more casual event in combination with light colours such as white. Black is a flexible color that looks good on majority of women. Bridesmaids who want to slim down their looks also choose black for its slimming effect. Bridesmaid gowns and dresses in black may even be recycled and worn again in other formal occasions after the wedding. However, some people may not think that black is appropriate for weddings because black is usually the color related to mourning.

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